Hair loss is very common, with tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people all over the world suffering from it. Hundreds of thousands of people decide to utilize hair restoration therapy, as well as other procedures in order to try to get at least some of their former hair back. Although some are effective, most of the time, the treatments only move already existing hair from one place to another. However, with Stem Cell therapy, we try to help new hair grow by helping the follicles to regenerate.
Adimarket helps, alongside a few other companies, to help provide new and reliable uses for PRP and stem cell therapies. We provide the equipment and other services so that doctors and practices will be able to provide these services to their patients.
There’s a Lot of Promise
While the main people talking about PRP and stem cell therapies are smaller companies like us, many other people are also discussing and seeing potential in these therapies. These include doctors, and practices, such as a doctor from Miami known as Lazaro M Garcia Md. This doctor already utilized PRP and stem cell therapy for people who suffer from hair loss, and is currently conducting a study that is supported by the National Institutes of Health.
In order to participate in the study, patients pay a small fee, which changes based on what part of the study they are in. Afterwards, the receive 2 injections of PRP and stem cells that are made from their own body, over 3 months.
Dr. Garcia is utilizing the body’s own growth factors in order to increase the amount of blood and nutrients to the otherwise dead hair follicles. This makes the dead follicles more lively and allows them to create new hair growth.
The way to make Platelet Rich Plasma is to is to use the patients own blood, which can come from either bone marrow, or other sources of fat. They go into a centrifuge, which concentrates the composition, and then allows them to be injected into the treatment site. While it is an otherwise simple procedure, some training in still necessary to ensure that it is done safely.
We Provide Equipment
We at Adimarket do not perform stem cell and PRP therapies, but we do offer the equipment so that doctors and practices can do so themselves. These include amniotic tissue, stem cell and PRP kits, centrifuge devices, and many more. Practices and doctors can order directly from us.
It is good to note that not all PRP systems are equal. The system that we have uses the closed tabletop system that is able to process the PRP in under 10 minutes. For more information, contact us or visit our website.
Hair loss is a serious problem with many people suffering from it. Now, thanks for PRP and stem cell therapies, we no longer only have to rely on hair replacement surgery to help patients. PRP and stem cell therapies may be the best therapy out there for both your patients, as well as your practice.

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