We Specialize in delivering highly customized stem cell laboratory project providing our clients with cohesive and cost-efficient solutions

Our stem cell laboratory solution represents a tremendous competitive advantage and differentiator allowing our clients the ability to perform highly advanced stem cell procedures.

What we do

Our work is a comprehensive turn key solution for the set-up and operation of  a laboratory  for the culture  of human  pluripotent Stem Cells .  The process of establishing a STEM CELL PROCESSING CENTER can be divided  into  two  equally important parts.  One  is completely  administrative  and  includes  developing protocols,  seeking approval, and establishing reporting processes and documentation. The other  part of establishing a STEM CELL laboratory involves the physical plant and includes design, equipment and personnel.
In order to operate a successful stem cell processing center we will provide and installed the necessary equipment required for culture and characterization of hPSCs.  We are proponents of  a modular design option,  both  in terms of laboratory benches and equipment, allowing the space to be expanded as needed by adding additional tissue culture modules and personnel  to  manage  the  workload
Delivery and installation is the pivot point of any project.  We guarantee proper planning, coordination and communication.  Our project management and installation teams take great pride in the finished product and have extensive experience with laboratory projects and international shipping.
During our comprehensive training program, a group of experienced academicians and scientist, will teach our proprietary protocols and cover the general principles and practice of stem cell biology and evidence-based treatments for laboratory staff to optimize their performance.

Our Process


We provide comprehensive Regenerative Medicine solutions. Our mission: To improve the health of patients around the world.

“One stop setup Stem Cell Processing Center”

Turn-Key Laboratory Solution.


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    Accommodations must be made for the receipt of incoming materials and their testing and...

  • Equipment
    Instalation, validation, training

    In order to operate a successful stem cell processing center we need to install...

  • Technology
    cell processing, Quality Control, Treatment

    Our comprehensive laboratory solution, covers : Equipment number of people, and type of activities...

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    Declaration of conformity, Certificate of compliance

    Our Company has been certified by Independent and international reviewers, we have achieved the...


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