Here at Adimarket, we sell equipment to practices that are willing and able to add PRP and stem cell therapies to their lineup. The equipment we offer is among the best, and we have helped hundreds of doctors and practices to offer PRP and stem cell therapies. However, we also provide marketing services above that as well.
Although it might see odd that we offer both marketing services, as well as equipment, but it is not so odd once you understand why. Simply offering services and having the equipment to do so does not in itself help patients to fully know that you are offering new services. It is best practice to get the word out to as many people in the area as possible.
While there are many reasons why we do this, here are the three main reasons why.
Regenerative Medicine Was Founded Not Too Long Ago 
Compared to many other medical practices, such as surgery and physical therapy, regenerative medicine is still fairly new. In fact, most people do not really know that PRP and stem cell therapy even exists, let alone can be used to manage chronic pain.
The fact that not many people even know about the existence of regenerative medicine, let alone what it can be used for, means that it would be difficult to get your patients to even understand what you are offering as a service. This can be addressed with marketing. Through marketing, a practice can not only let it become known that they are offering these new services, but also explain shortly what the service entails.
Marketing Is Like Dieting 
Pretty much every doctor and dietitian knows that good nutrition is vital to great health down the line. Waiting until you’re sick and deficient to discuss nutrition is not the best way to address the issue. Marketing is similar in that instance. Marketing not only can be used to keep current patients informed, but can also be used to inform new patients about what you offer. Practices that don’t market often suffer in the same way as people who don’t get good nutrition.
There’s a lot of competition 
Medicine has sadly become more and more like a business in the past years. This means that even doctors and practices need to have a good business sense if they are going to continue to be able to provide the type of services that patients need and desire. Not understanding business would only make any practice fail or at least prevent them from growing.
Because of this, private practices, as well as other medical groups are forced to compete. Marketing is a big way to make sure that you get patients instead of your competition. If you are utilizing PRP and stem cell therapies as a way to generate more income, then great! However, you will still have to market those services to get the word out, as well as compete.
We at Adimarket offer these services as a way to help the field of regenerative marketing succeed. We not only help your practice start to utilize regenerative medicine, but we also help you to promote your practice in the same way. This will help your patients know that you are using these methods, and what they are, so that you can get a leg up over the competition.

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