Baghdad, Iraq – Stem Cells Center, a subsidiary of the Global Stem Cells Group, a group of companies dedicated to stem cell research, medicine, and training for all individuals interested in learning more about the untapped potentials of Regenerative Medicine, this week proudly announced they will be opening a brand new center in Baghdad, Iraq in May of 2017. The new center’s official address will be Al Yarmouk Hospital, Baghdad on Jinub Street.

In order to prepare for a smooth and successful facility opening, Stem Cells Center is partnering up with Clinical Haematologist, Dr. Abdul MajeedAlwan, and Chairman and Internist, Dr. MazinMahmood. The two doctors will receive full training in Stem Cells Center’s facilities in both South Korea and India during the month of April.

“Regenerative medicine is the medicine of our future, with so many healing potentials it’s not even possible to cover them all in one educational program,” said Dr. Alwan. “As a native Iraqi with a passion for stem cell research, I am honored to be part of the opening of this facility right in the heart of Baghdad.”

Dr. Alwan received his medical degree in 1992 and moved from Baghdad to Basra in south Iraq to head up a medical department in IbnMajidHosptal. Realizing his passions and potential there, Dr. Alwan went on to found the first BMT center in children’s welfare in Baghdad. Dr. Alwan has also acted as the director of bone marrow transplantation.
Dr. Alwan brings a wealth of experience to the stem cells table with the knowledge to treat patients under spinal cord injuries. He hopes to add new protocols to his practice to allow him patient treatment under degenerative illnesses like Neurodegenerative and immune-based cases: diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, cerebrovascular diseases, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure.

The two doctors have opted to partner with Global Stem Cells for their unwavering commitment to helping doctors become a Regenerative Medicine practitioner. Global Stem Cells teaches only the newest RM protocols during their worldwide onsite courses, provides lab equipment to practice RM, establishes new member facilities, and works hard to encourage all members to keep in contact with the international Global Stem Cells network.

“We are officially the largest Regenerative Medicine network in the world,” said Mr Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Stem Cells Center. “We now have more than 30 memberships, and we couldn’t be happier. We are incredibly proud to be opening our next facility in Baghdad, and we thank Dr. Alwan and Dr. Mahmood for being exemplary program coordinators, passionate about their field of medicinal study.”

Global Stem Cells Group is always looking for new additions to the doctoral team. For anyone interested in being part of the expanding network, call +1 3055605337 or email:
Contact: Mr Benito Novas
Phone: 305 560 5337

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