Chandigan, India – Stem Cell Center, a subsidiary member of the Global Stem Cells Group, a group of companies dedicated to stem cell research, development, medicine, and education around the world, this week announced they are hosting a Stem Cells Training in Chandigan, India on upgrading regenerative medicine knowledge for all of their participating Asian doctors and locations.

Designed to be a great meeting that will see the very best doctors in the regenerative field come together for the improvement and expansion of stem cells education, the Stem Cells Training in Chandigan will take place March 9th and 10th of this year.

“With all of the talented and knowledgeable doctors in our stem cells network, we felt it would be beneficial to bring all of our Asian contacts together for upgrading our existing regenerative medicine knowledge for providing better education to our students,” said Mr Benito Novas Founder and Coordinator of the Stem Cell Center. “Our field of study is constantly changing and updating with new findings, and we want to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.”
The two-day course will feature attendance from Dr. Rama Sood, MD, Dr. GyanPrakash, MBBS, PGDMCH, Dr. Abdul MajeedAlwan, a Clinical Haematologist in Baghdad, and Dr. MazinMahmood, the Chairman and Internist of the Stem Cells Center in Iraq.

Different from their typical clinical two-day courses that features hands-on training, exhibitions, and comprehensive education for students looking to immerse themselves in stem cells training, this special course is geared towards the industry leaders, specifically in India and Iraq, intent on improving their performance capabilities with world-class information.

“Being part of the Global Stem Cells Group, we believe that stem cell research and development of regenerative treatments is the undoubted future of medicine,” said Mr Benito Novas “We want to have a diffusion of ideas and case studies among the world’s most advanced stem cell practitioners, and we want to do it all from within our Stem Cell Center network that is revolutionizing every country around the world today.”

To date, Global Stem Cells Group boasts the largest regenerative medicinal network in existence today. In order to ensure they retain this title, their special two-day course will focus on how newly learned information can be immediately applied to patients, case studies, doctors, physicians, pharmacies, and other industry participants that play an integral part in the worldwide health system.
Above all, the Stem Cell Center is an international collective medical network for physicals seeking to learn cutting-edge medical care and supportive transitional practices for administering newly developed regenerative medicine.
For more information, visit:
Contact: Mr Benito Novas
Phone: 305 560 5337

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