Stem Cell Training Inc. has announced a new joint venture with The Research Center in Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapy at Maimonides University in Buenos Aires to launch a post-graduate diploma program in cellular therapy and tissue engineering.
Stem Cell Training, Inc., a division of the Global Stem Cells Group, announced today the launch of a post-graduate diploma program with the Research Center in Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapy at Maimonides University in Buenos Aires. The diploma program, the first of its kind worldwide, is designed for physicians and practitioners to bridge the gap between advanced laboratory practices and the practitioner’s office.
According to Gustavo Antonio Moviglia, M.D., a lead trainer for Stem Cell Training, Inc., the decision to launch the post-graduate diploma coursework has evolved out of advances in cell biology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries which have given rise to a new form of medical therapy in which cells and tissues are used as healing elements, no longer just to supplement or replace deficient or ailing cells.
Since 2000, Maimonides University and Moviglia have worked to generate scientific and medical applications based on tissue engineering and cellular therapy, to enrich this specialty and establish their own philosophy. Their work will be the basis for the postgraduate course, aiming to create academic space for training professionals and developing new knowledge in this area of medicine.
With many in the field of medical research believing cell therapy to be the central point around which future medicine will revolve, Stem Cell Training, Inc. and Maimonides University have chosen to lead the process together, providing medical professionals with the scientific and practical methodologies of this new discipline.
For more information, visit the Diplomat Tissue Engineering page of the Stem Cell Training, Inc. website.

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