Cell Training Inc. has announced an alliance with Far Eastern University to properly train physicians to harvest and reintegrate stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow and dental pulp.
Stem Cell Training, Inc., a division of the Global Stem Cells Group, today announced a newly formed alliance with Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines for the advancement of stem call procedures. The alliance was established to train physicians and mid-level providers in techniques for harvesting and reintegrating stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue, bone marrow and dental pulp.
Through the alliance, the Miami-based biotechnology training company has established a two-day, hands-on intensive training course for physicians and high level practitioners titled “Adipose Derived Harvesting, Isolation and Re-integration Training Course”, taught at the Far Eastern University School of Medicine.
Conducted by Joseph Purita, M.D., a pioneer in the use of stem cells in orthopedics and founder of the Institute of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics in Boca Raton, Florida, the program covers all of the essentials necessary to perform adipose-derived stem cell protocols and bone marrow-derived stem cell harvesting, processing and activation procedures in a clinical environment. New classes are scheduled for September 24-25 and November 18-19, 2013 at Far Eastern University.
Stem Cell Training, Inc. is a multi-dimensional company offering coursework and training in 35 cities worldwide. Coursework offered focuses on minimally invasive techniques for harvesting stem cells from adipose tissue, bone marrow and platelet-rich plasma. By equipping physicians with these techniques, the goal is to enable them to return to their practices, better able to apply these techniques in patient treatments.
The company’s training courses are designed to make the best use of stem cell technology available to treat various diseases in a manner that is accessible to everyone. Stem Cell Training, Inc.’s mission is to introduce the promising world of cellular medicine to everyone who can benefit from its application, and to provide high quality, effective and efficient training that complies with the highest medical standards to physicians worldwide.

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