Korea – Stem Cell Training, a full-service stem cells-based research organization dedicated to providing onsite, hands-on education and training for medical students intent on mastering the potential of harnessing stem cells, this week proudly announced due to the popularity of their first Diplomat in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering course, they will be offering a second Korean edition in upcoming weeks. ( April 9 to 15th, 2017)

Having more than 10 doctors complete the first edition of the course, Stem Cell Training received widespread contact for offering another edition of the course so more doctors and colleagues could get in on the action.

“We were incredibly enthused by the positive response to our first diplomatic training session, and are very excited to be offering another Korea-based event in the coming months,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Stem Cell Training. “We had students from all over the world: India, the Philippines, Korea, Peru, and the United States attend, and we look forward to an even more diverse crowd at the next training session.”

Stem Cell Training is a subsidiary to Stem Cells Group, an international Regenerative Medicinal institution committed to spreading access and information to stem cells research. The one-week Diplomatic Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering course will provide certification by the Global Stem Cells Group, N-Biotek, and the President of the University of Westminster Graduate to the participating students.

During the course, students will observe live hands-on surgeries and experiences with patients from the perspective of participating faculty. Students can expect laboratory settings and translational practical activities for taking away invaluable skills. Multiple international doctors will be participating in the program to ensure each student has unwavering medical oversight.
For more information, visit: http:// http://stemcellsacademy.com/

Contact: Mr Benito Novas
Phone: 305 560 5337

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