The international society for stem cell association (ISSCA) will participate in VII CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL MEDESTETICA 2022 at Paseo La Plaza. Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 11, 12 and 13.

ISSCA has announced plans to participate as a sponsor in the medestetica congress. The organization has been promoting advances in regenerative medicine especially focused on the aesthetic field and will continue to explore new medical events like CONGRESO MEDESTETICA to educate the Argentine medical community

As part of the program ISSCA faculty members will have a presentation and a practical workshop showing the latest application of regenerative medicine. ISSCA complete program will cover all the different topics related to regenerative medicine applications, guidelines and clinical protocols

About the Speakers

Dr. Maritza Novas

Dr. Maritza is a research and Development Director of Global Stem Cells Group in the USA. She is a pioneer in using cell therapies for therapeutic procedures. pain management. and aesthetic applications. She has an outstanding reputation for training over 2000 physicians globally on procedures and protocols for harvesting and isolating adipose-derived stem cells for autologous and allogeneic reim plantation. She will be covering the topic of Allogeneic Therapies and stromal cell exosomes.

Dr. Silvina Pastrana

She is a chapter director of ISSCA in Argentina and medical director of the stem cell center in Buenos Aires. Dr. Silvina is a Regentherapy s.a. medical surgeon. She has a master’s in aesthetic and anti-age medicine (AMA). an Ozonologist. and a master’s in pain management. Her topic in this congress will be Fundamentals of cellular therapies: mesenchymal cells.

Dr. Andrea Lapeire

She is an aesthetic medical practitioner with a postgraduate in obesity. biological medicine. homotoxicology. and environment. Her workshop demonstration will be on advanced regenerative medicine in alopecia and its basics.

Prof. Dr. Julio Ferreira

He is from Argentina is a professional cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine expert. He is a university professor of medicine and is the president of the South American Academy Of Aesthetic Surgery. He will cover regenerative therapies in rejuvenation and facial harmonization in the workshop.

Benito Novas

Benito Novas is the managing director of the International Society for Stem Cell Application from the USA. He is the senior marketing consultant and founder of “Este’tica marketing INC”. as an Author. he has authored several books among them: su clinica este’tica. Lo que dicen sus pacientes” Marketing Digital en su Clinica Estetica” and “Marketing en Tiempos de Crisis” for more information on Novas you can check on In this congress. Benito Novas will be covering Digital Marketing in Cash-based practices.

ISSCA at Global Perspective.

ISSCA has been at the forefront of promoting excellent and standardized regenerative medicine. For more information and updates. visit us at

The ISSCA is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists with a mission to advance the science, technology, and practice of Regenerative Medicine to treat disease and lessen human suffering. Its members are leaders in setting standards and promoting excellence in regenerative medicine, related education, certification, research and publications.

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