Global Stem Cells Group has announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Ramzan Ali Stem Cell Center to expand the company’s service for Patients, doctors and product lines in Pakistan

GSCG and Ramzan Ali Stem Cell Center have signed an exclusivity agreement for 5 years to enhance GSCG’s services in Pakistan that entails  multiple  locations for patient treatment, 4 annual training dates for doctors and an annual congress to raise awareness of the benefits of cellular medicine in the country, as well as access to entire global stem cells group line of cellular products. 

The GSCG and Ramzan Ali Stem cell center alliance aims to introduce state-of-the-art medical technology. It’s a merger that will cover medical training in 5 cities in the country that will provide essential treatment. The contract covers the launch of the cellular products that Global manufactures and distributes. It includes the Cellgenic line of Exosomes in lyophilized and liquid versions. 

This partnership seeks to expand the brand and create centers of excellence in cell therapy to meet the demand in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Global Stem Cells Group is rapidly expanding its operations globally as it seeks to dominate the lucrative health industry of regenerative medicine. The organization is merging with healthcare providers majoring in regenerative medicine with at least five years of experience in the healthcare sector to achieve its expansion plans. 

Ramzan Ali Stem Cell Center is an exclusive regenerative medicine service provider that treats chronic conditions. degenerative diseases. and injuries via stern cell therapy in Pakistan. The organization has a team of highly trained specialists of licensed medical doctors, and post-graduate physicians. and surgeons. 

According to Benito Novas. the Managing Director of Global Stem Cells Group. the partnership aligns with the company’s long-term goals and expansion plan. “Our top objective is to make the benefits of regenerative medicine a reality for doctors and patients worldwide. The business continues to grow and position itself as a market leader.” He adds. 

This new merger will incorporate state-of-the-art stem cell practices and procedures. These measures will ensure that patients access efficient and affordable options when seeking reliable solutions. 

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Shaukat, Head of Ramzan Ali Stem Cell Centre welcomed the alliance. He said his organization is proud to be part of the GSCG growing family. It’s a collaboration that will see them access stem cell equipment, physician training. certification, and Stem Cell Training from a group with a remarkable history and great international renown. 

According to Mr. Syed Asad Ali Ashraf, Managing Partner of Ramzan Ali Syed Hospital, the union aims to dominate the Asian and Middle East markets. “We want to bring all GSCG’s business lines to Pakistan by adopting stem cell training, certification, products, production, patient care, and equipment:’ He adds. It’s an alliance that will enable the institution to expand to five cities in Pakistan. The move will ensure state-of-the-art and affordable regenerative medical care in the country. 

Global Stem Cells Group has taken the lead in the health sector with the current advancement in technological sciences. It’s a merger that aims to deliver the latest regenerative medicine majoring in biotechnology, stem cell, and genome to the health care industry in Pakistan.

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