Cellgenic has worked closely with physicians all around the world for over a decade, and in working shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the medical community, we’ve gotten a feel for what we feel their main grievances are when incorporating regenerative medicine into their practice. We’ve found that primarily, the largest hurdles have been the large upfront costs, the long procedure times, and the difficulty procuring patients. 

For a long time, most of the history of the nascent field of regenerative medicine, physicians would have to spend multiple thousands of dollars training themselves to use the procedures required to treat patients. In order to use this training, they would need to buy large, heavy, and expensive medical processing equipment in order to actually process the cellular samples. And after that, they would have to go through the trouble of procuring the enzymes and medical supplies needed to perform the procedure itself.

Every step of the process was mired with difficulty, and all of this was before even the patient acquisition process, which has the potential to completely make or break a practice. This is to not even mention the procedure itself, which can take anywhere from three to five hours of a physician being on their feet, and a patient being subdued under local anesthesia. The final result is an uncomfortable and drawn out procedure that regenerative medicine physicians have been working for years to optimize. 

Cellgenic Exosomes is the company’s flagship product, which stands ready to revolutionize the practice of regenerative medicine as we know it today. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles which float freely within the blood, very much like platelets. But that is where the similarities end, because exosomes have been recently discovered to do far more than previously thought. Current science has identified them as one of the cornerstones of intercellular communication, as the enzymes that they secrete are responsible for cell-signalling, including calling healthy cells to begin the process of repairing damaged tissue. Because they consist of proteins, they are able to be administered without a risk of rejection from the patient, and they’re able to immediately get to work within the body, utilizing their growth factors and anti-scarring proteins to target inflammation and damaged tissue within the body. 

Utilizing a potent combination of growth factors and anti-scarring proteins, they target inflammation and damage within the cells and tissues of the body and begin repairing it. The administration of Cellgenic Exosomes is simple. Every order arrives cryogenically-preserved under dry ice, and from there physicians can store them in the freezer for over one year. To administer, they simply need to be thawed out and injected into the patient, without the need for expensive and bulky equipment. All in all, this new process should not take more than forty-five minutes, and has lower upfront costs than the previous standard of care for regenerative medicine practitioners. 

For more information, please visit https://cellgenic.com/, or contact info@stemcellsgroup.com

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