Stem Cells are revolutionizing the field of regenerative medicine, due to their intelligence. Once administered into the patient, they are able to identify and target areas of disease and damage. Adimarket’s Mesenchymal Stem Cell Product excretes growth factors, cytokines, and proteins, which all play a key role in the regeneration of tissue. Their anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties mean that it is difficult for them to be rejected by the body. Additionally, they increase blood flow to the vital organs which need it the most. 

Many proprietors of  MSC products will claim that it is not necessarily important to have a high ratio of viable cells. They claim that it does not matter how many cells are ‘not viable’, or dead, so long as there is a high enough number of viable cells– however, current research has shown that this is not the case. These dead cells are detectable by the immune system, and it is believed that they can create an inflammatory response within the body at the treatment area, which would lower the effectiveness of the regenerative medicine treatments. 

This bending of the science is harmful to our industry, which is why knowledgeable purveyors put one thing above all else– consistency. Our cellular concentrations are the same throughout each batch, and we make sure that there is a high ratio of viable cells. All of our samples are independently verified by a third party laboratory, and have been selected for their phenotypic and genotypic profile, characterized for optimum growth and stability. When the proper care is taken, Mesenchymal Stem Cell products have been identified as having the highest output of growth factors and stem cell factors among the current standards of care– as well as properties of angiogenesis, immunomodulation, and the potential for endogenous repair. 

Cellgenic has been working for over a decade, constantly reinventing itself and reinforcing the products that we offer with the latest advancements in the field of regenerative medicine. We take every painstaking measure possible to ensure that the cellular samples that our customers use to treat their patients are second to none– this includes the consistent concentrations of our sample, which are the same throughout ensuring that every patient gets the same treatment. We offer the product in 10 million or 30 million live total nucleated cells, where other fabricators would have the same number of total cells. We ensure that every single product that we send out has been tested for low amounts of annexin, which is a cellular protein which serves as a marker for cell death. 

All our Mesenchymal Stem Cell products come in 1cc vials cryogenically preserved– they are shipped overnight within the United States, conveniently delivered to your door in the morning. For use, the product is passively thawed between the palms of your hands– and ready to use when your patients are. MSC 10 contains 10 million live cells and is recommended for a single joint, or a small area. However, the MSC pure pro has 30 million live cells,and can be used for larger applications, or for up to three joints in the same patient at the same time. 

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