Global Stem Cells Group has just announced the official opening of a new multi-specialty regenerative medicine center in Cancun. The new center is intended to incorporate different treatments based on regenerative medicine as well as to serve as a multi-specialty training center in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapies, offering doctors and patients the most advanced treatments in cell therapy worldwide. 

The Cellular Hope Institute as this facility was named, will also strive to pursue several objectives that will benefit patients and medical experts worldwide. It will be a medical hub that will offer the best treatments for patients suffering from multiple conditions such as autoimmune. sports medicine, chronic degenerative diseases. and pediatric care. 

Benito Novas says. “Our goal is to solve the problem and alleviate the condition, not just attempt to treat it. We are committed to offering top-notch technology available and quality care, emphasizing that our patients are always our number one priority. Our highly qualified team of experts are always ready to assist you at Cellular Hope Institute.”

The Center utilizes comprehensive stem cell treatment protocols that employ well-targeted combinations of Exosomes, allogeneic human Mesenchymal cells, and autologous bone marrow and Adipose derived stem cells to treat the  diseases and conditions listed previously. The treatment plans are mostly focused on a systemic or whole-body approach to ensure patients receive the highest quality and quantity of cellular products available today.

Cellular Hope Institute  will also be a center that will offer specialized Regenerative medicine Courses for physicians. Primarily, it will be a resourceful center that will train doctors to incorporate modern regenerative medicine practices into their offices.

Different programs focusing on multiple specialties will be arranged in this training hub. Industry experts are expected to join the facility and offer the latest information about various compounds in the stem cell market, such as Mesenchymal stem cells, umbilical cord derived products. exosomes and many other stem cell products. The training session  will target physicians who want to incorporate the treatment solutions in their practices. 

In addition, Cellular Hope Institute will also have a fully functional manufacturing laboratory that seeks to elaborate the cellular products. The laboratory is already equipped with the latest and innovative technology to ensure they offer the best stem cell products and treatments. The facility will have enough capacity to store and distribute cellular products, including cells and exosomes. It will be the primary supply center for doctors all over Mexico. The inauguration will mark a step closer to pursuing cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and modern tissue engineering options globally. 

The opening of this center is an effort by Global stem Cells Group to continue its mission to reduce the suffering of patients and offer a new healing alternative. It is the commitment of scientists and doctors who believe in the potential of regenerative medicine as a standard treatment that should be in every doctor’s office worldwide. 

To learn more about the cellular hope institute , visit their website here:

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