As more and more doctors train to be proficient in stem cell therapy, many are seeking to increase their revenues, as well as expand their practices. As a result of this, Adimarket is hoping to fulfill the needs of the doctors and to help their patients in the most efficient way possible. However, there are other goals that we have as well. We hope that one day, PRP and Stem-cell therapies will replace certain medical procedures, making them more effective and more convenience. One of these procedures we hope to eliminate are hip replacements.
Natural tissue regeneration has been something that many scientists have have been focusing on for years. One of the main focuses have been in orthopedics, or the study of bones and muscles. Utilizing the stem cells of a patient in order to regrow or replace cartilage can be a godsend for treatments involving conditions such as osteoarthritis as well as sports and other injuries. Many wonder that, if we can heal muscle and joint damage utilizing PRP and stem-cell therapy, exactly much can we potentially heal?
It may be a possibility in the near future, based on the current evidence, to consider the use of PRP and stem-cell therapy over hip replacement surgery. A 2016 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that had stem cells successfully grow on an artificial hip joint. They even create a therapy that, combined with the stem cells, could lower the risk of recurrence when it comes to arthritis in the joint.
What Treatments Are We Already Utilizing?
While seeing hip replacements become a thing of the past is a potential occurrence in the near future, the science is not that far yet. Adimarket is working to provide the tools necessary to utilize both PRP and Stem Cell therapy in treating sports injuries, wounds, and orthopedic applications.
In fact, the two therapies are in no way mutually exclusive. In many cases, both PRP and stem cell therapies can be utilized at the same time, so long as the stem cells come from the patient themselves. Doing this helps to reduce the risk of rejection.
PRP can be extracted from the blood, and the stem cells can easily come from either using bone marrow, or fat tissue. This is then injected directly into the treatment site, and then we simply wait for the magic to happen.
Adimarket Has Got You Covered
If you are a doctor or own your own practice, then we urge you to consider adding PRP and stem cell therapies to your treatment options. Adimarket provides a great deal of technology and equipment that is designed to give patients the best experience and treatment possible.
Our equipment is some of the best in the trade. We can provide fast and reliable processing of platelets that is able to concentrate the blood platelets up to 16 times. If you are interested to know more about it or to provide this equipment in your own practice, consider looking up Adimarket.
Will we ever see hip replacement surgery become obsolete? Possibly. It is our hope that it does. However, we are hoping that until then, we can provide the necessary technology to help doctors provide the best stem cell and PRP treatment to their patients.

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