December 24th, 2021: Stem Cell Center has opened a new location in Córdoba, Argentina. Looking to bring regenerative medicine technologies to Argentina, the grand opening of the center was attended by 80 attendees at the new IMEB facilities, and broadcast for viewers across Argentina and the rest of the world to stream online.

As a division of Global Stem Cells Group, Stem Cell Center is an international network of medical practices dedicated to bringing stem cell therapies to patients across the world. By uniting a group of medical practitioners in the field, they are able to provide training, equipment, and resources to practitioners who in turn offer research and knowledge to the community. As a group, they are continuously developing new treatments, making them available, and bringing the best possible care to patients in the pursuit of stem cell technology.

The launch of the new facility brings the group one step closer to their shared goal of reducing human suffering across the world, now making strides to provide access to these medical technologies in Argentina. Each new launch contributes to the acceleration of the process of developing and translating stem cell research into treatments and therapies that are accessible to both patients and physicians.

Stem Cell Center Opens Facility in Argentina, Bringing Advanced Health Technology

“Opening the center in Córdoba is a major step toward that goal, allowing us to give solutions to patients without drugs, instead manifesting the potential that lies within the body itself to trigger biological regeneration processes,” says Benito Novas, Founder of Global Stem Cells Group. This latest opening was made possible by a partnership and alliance between founder of Global Stem Cells Group, Benito Novas, and Director of IMEB, Doctor Luis Alejandro Mazzarini.

“This inauguration marks the launch of the pursuit of regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and tissue engineering treatments in Córdoba,” says Benito Novas. “I founded the group in 2010, as an expert in marketing, life sciences, and healthcare development. At the time, I was interested in the new progress that was being made in the field and was eager to make them available to as wide an array of patients as possible across the world.”

“We believe stem cell medicine is the future of the medical industry, and we work closely with regulators, policymakers, and medical professionals to foster this technology and harness the true potential.”

The seminal launch of this science, research and medical facility is one effort in the global mission of Stem Cell Center, who have announced a partnership with Bioscience Cell factory, offered training in Bolivia, and opened centers in Spain, Mexico, and Iraq. The global effort to reduce suffering is achieved one facility at a time, through the dedication of scientists, doctors, and researchers who believe in the untapped and often inaccessible potential of stem cell regenerative technology.

To learn more about the Stem Cell Center, visit their website here: 

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