PRP and Stem Cell Therapy still has a ways to go before it becomes mainstream medical practice. However, we at Adimarket are proud to be a part of this growing trend. We fervently believe in the future of stem cell therapies because we trust that this is an alternative to otherwise invasive and unneeded medical procedures.
If we listed every single scientific reason showing the benefits of stem cell therapy, we would be writing a book. In order to help keep this short, we have decided to instead make it into 3 reasons for why we side with this therapy and sell equipment for such.
1. It’s Been Around For Awhile
Stem cell therapy is not a new invention, nor is it an untested invention. This has been a therapy that has been going on for decades, and have been used for many procedures, such as bone marrow transplants for leukemia patients. The main issue is that stem cell therapy is just not that widely known.
This has been benefiting people who have suffered from leukemia, and well as other diseases like lymphoma for decades. The most common usage arising from bone marrow transplants. This is because they can be used safely and have pretty much no risk of rejection due to them being the bodies own cells. If they can be used to treat thee conditions, there is probably much more that they can be used for as well.
2. It’s Not Really Invasive
Invasive procedures will probably never  fully be obsolete, a good case of this would be a bone fracture, or a having to get a tooth pulled. There is nothing that can be done outside of an invasive procedure for these types of injuries. However, not all cases of invasive surgery are necessary.
This is why we at Adimarket love them cell therapy so much, because it is minimally invasive. Instead of needing an incision and stitches, the most that a patient will need is a needle poke to extract stem cells, and another to put them in the treatment area. This helps to not only reduce the risk of infection, but also helps prevent other complications as well, such as scarring.
3. It Works to Improve Healing
The last reason for us promoting stem cell therapy, is because it allows the body to heal naturally. This means that the treatment actually addresses the underlying problem, instead of just focusing on symptom management.
We hope that this helps patients to get better and more effective treatment, and can treat the whole issue, instead of just the symptoms of the issue. While stem cell therapy might not be the best choice for every case, it is no different than any other medical procedure. Not all treatments require medication and surgery, for instance.
If you are seeking out better and more efficient ways of treating injuries and various diseases, Adimarket is the place to go. We provide the latest and greatest technology and equipment in relation to PRP and stem cell therapy. These will help you to find better treatment for your patients.
Stem cell therapy can be highly beneficial when it comes to not only treating patients, but also to increase your revenue. Incorporating stem cell therapy may very well be the best thing that you can do for your practice.

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