As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus, treatment options seem to be on everyone’s mind. There have been several studies regarding the use of umbilical cord-derived stem cells (and Mesenchymal Stem Cells in general), and the results have been trending upwards. As the field of regenerative medicine continues to advance, researchers such as those in the University of Miami continue to spearhead new and innovative ways of using regenerative medicine to treat a variety of conditions. These treatments, as their safety and efficacy grows, become important for both physicians and everyday individuals to be aware of, especially as they grow in availability.

One particular study, the one mentioned earlier conducted by researchers from the University of Miami, shows extremely promising results in the use of MSCs for the treatment of COVID-19.
While researchers first and foremost endeavored to verify whether this treatment was simply safe, they also ran tests in order to determine how useful it would be. The study was conducted among a group of twenty-four people, which were assigned at random to either control or treatment groups.

The results from the study seem to confer with what other researchers have discovered– in that stem cell therapies are entirely safe. Those patients that were administered 200 million MSCs were not seen to develop any adverse effects within the body, and patient survival was over twice as high in those treated with stem cells vs. those left untreated. Additionally, it was discovered that those that received the administration of cells also largely recovered within the first thirty days after receiving treatment at a greater rate than the placebo group.

This study and others like it highlight what practitioners of regenerative medicine have known through their own work for decades now– that Mesenchymal Stem Cells have the ability to target inflammation, regulate immune system function, and stimulate the recovery of cells. Global Stem Cells Group has been operating for years in these same treatments, treating patients around the world.

Through years of experience, and collaboration with expert researchers, Global Stem Cells Group, in partnership with Cellgenic, has developed cellular lines that have been used by physicians around the world in treating many conditions. For those interested in distributing or receiving treatment with regenerative medicine, or for further information, you can contact us by emailing


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