Mexico City, Mexico – Global Stem Cells Group,htpp// a full-service collection of companies, each dedicated to facilitating stem cell research and medicine around the world, this week announced their founder and CEO, Mr. Benito Novas, will serve as a featured speaker in the main event of the 2017 Anti Aging Congress to be held in Mexico.

Mr. Novas will cover the “State of Regenerative Medicine: A Guide to Stem Cell Research and Therapies” during his featured event. The lecture will provide insight into stem cell research and therapies introduction, as well as the rules that presently govern this unique group of therapies in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

“The Anti Aging Congress is a prolific international event that facilitates invaluable idea, education, and information exchange between the leading players in the world’s stem cell research industry,” said Mr. Novas. “As someone who dedicates my life to the development and expansion of stem cell benefits in every aspect of medicine, I am honored to serve as one of the keynote speakers of the event.”

February 19, Global Stem Cells Group will organize an interactive workshop for a sustained discussion about important news regarding Regenerative Medicine and clinical trials currently being administered to increase patient health.

Additionally, the group will host a hands-on training for physicians attending the event. This training will provide attendees with 12 proprietary protocols that enable participants to test degenerative diseases right from their offices. Attendees will walk away with new skills they can apply to treating and developing solutions for patients with degenerative disablements.
There are only 10 vacancies left in the hands-on training course.

The 2017 Mexican Anti Aging Congress will officially take place February 17t to 19.
For more information, or to sign-up for the stem cell application course on February 19, visit:

Contact: Mr Benito Novas
Phone: 305 560 5337

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