ISSCA has opened a new date for hands-on experience at the World Congress of Regenerative Medicine.

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) has announced a new date for practical certification at the 2022 World Congress of Regenerative Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey. The nonprofit association was compelled to open a new date by the growing demand for doctors to have clinical experience with real patients at the ISSCA World Congress.

This year’s conference was initially scheduled to take three days. The first two days (Sep 23-24) will be days of engaging and interactive conferences and lectures by prestigious physicians from all over the world. The doctors will mainly talk about basic science, current science, and clinical experience.

The event’s final day (Sep 25) would be dedicated to practical experience in the clinic. The high demand for the congress means it’s completely sold out, but the company decided to open a new date for training, extending the event to September 26.

To provide detailed information on the different training and certification programs in the framework of the World Congress, ISSCA launched a website where the agendas of various days and different packages are shown. Purchasing the full package gives a participant access to the conference and hands-on practice—for example,

What to Expect at the ISSCA World Congress of Regenerative Medicine

ISSCA spearheads research and the benefits of Regenerative Medicine to countries worldwide. The annual World Conference is organized to accelerate the advancement of cellular therapies, related technology, and clinical applications. The event draws an international congregation of world-class scientists and doctors from over 30 countries globally for three full days of conferences, lectures, and clinical application workshops.

This year, senior medical leaders and researchers will speak with panels about the recent trends and advancements in the field of regenerative Medicine, with a high focus on the following three topics:

  • Molecular Biology
  • New treatment models in surgical and cosmetic applications
  • The latest innovations in regenerative Medicine

The conference will also discuss the legal implications of the practice of regenerative Medicine as it spreads throughout the world. That’ll ensure multiple governments have the resources and input they need to create favorable policies.

ISSCA Regenerative World Congress opens a new date for hands-on practice The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards and excellence in the field of Regenerative Medicine and the related education, certifications, and publications. The company comprises a team of interdisciplinary and innovative physicians and researchers driven by one common goal – to advance the science, technology, and practice of Regenerative Medicine to treat diseases and alleviate human suffering.

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