The XXV Congreso Internacional de Medicina, Cirugia Estética y Obesidad will take place in CDMX, México on July 13,14 and 15, 2022. The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) will be actively taking part in the congress. The ISSCA is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists with a mission to advance the science, technology, and practice of regenerative medicine to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through science, technology, and regenerative medicine. Several ISSCA members will be presenting or giving demonstrations on the latest protocols and technologies in regenerative medicine.

  • Benito Novas, the managing director of the ISSCA from the USA, will give a talk about Digital Marketing in Cash-Based Practices. Benito Novas is a global entrepreneur, manager, and keynote speaker, who specializes in marketing focused on biotechnology, life sciences, and healthcare development. He has served as the director of the ISSCA since 2016. His published books in Aesthetic Practice and Digital Marketing can be found here. In his presentation this July, he will share his visionary approach to healthcare management and regenerative medicine. Congress attendees will have the opportunity to learn why doctors must use digital marketing strategies to grow a successful practice. Benito Novas will provide tips to attendees on how to capitalize on social media trends to grow practice influence.

  • Dr. Maritza Novas, the ISSCA director of education from the USA, will talk about Allogeneic Therapies and Stromal Cell Exosomes. The use of allogeneic therapy is one of the most attractive alternatives to autologous products and is of utmost interest to researchers in recent years. Exosomes serve as mediators for cell-to-cell communication and can be used as cell-free therapeutics for their special characteristics. Dr. Maritza Novas has been in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine since 2001. She is globally recognized for her work in regenerative medicine and dedicated service in education.

  • Dr. Silvina Pastrana, the Argentina chapter director of the ISSCA from Argentina, will present on Fundamentals of Cellular Therapies and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Dr. Pastrana heads a staff of medical specialists in orthopedics, rheumatology, medical clinic, and cosmetic surgery, performing procedures that incorporate stem cell therapies. She has been serving as a staff surgeon for the Hospital Dr. Prof. Luis Güemes for 21 years.

Besides the above presentations, look forward to sessions in the practical portion of the congress, where the following ISSCA members will show the latest protocols and technologies in regenerative medicine:

  • Dr. Julio Ferreira (Argentina), Cosmetic Surgery / Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dr. Andrea Lapeire (Argentina), Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dr. Maritza Novas (USA), ISSCA Director of Education in the USA
  • Dr. Silvina Pastrana (Argentina), Chapter Director of ISSCA in Argentina

The ISSCA members are the leaders in setting standards and promoting excellence in the field of regenerative medicine, related education, certification, research, and publications. The Global Stem Cells Groups (GSCG) is a group of companies, including the ISSCA and other members, dedicated to facilitating stem cell research and medicine. Making the benefits of stem cell medicine a reality for both doctors and patients worldwide is the goal of the GSCG. To learn more, visit our sites at the ISSCA and the GSCG.

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