The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) has announced the Regenerative Medicine World Congress 2022 that will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, between September 23rd and 25th,  2022. The congress brings together world-class doctors and scientists from over 35 countries.

Participants at the congress will have a rare chance to listen to over 25 world-leading medical experts as they make evidence-based research presentations on various issues related to stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine via evidence-based presentations.

Highlights of the Congress

Interactions with World-Class Speakers

Participants at the congress will have a chance to engage scientists and physicians with extensive experience applying cellular therapies and regenerative medicine in clinical environments. It will be an opportunity to gain insights into the industry and applications of this technology.

Updates on the Latest Products and Technologies in Regenerative Medicine

Some items to be discussed at the congress include new technologies, the latest products and equipment in regenerative medicine, and cellular studies. Participants will access these technologies and understand how they play a part in developing solutions to different problems in the medical field.

Hands-on Training by Leading Instructors

Participants will get two days of intensive training on clinical and aesthetic applications of stem cell therapy as part of the workshop. This training will be provided by ISSCA-certified instructors with experience in the particular areas that they will be handling. On the third day. participants will participate in live practical lessons on areas lectured on in the last two days. However, the practical lessons will be limited to 20 seats and available only to participants who purchase the all-access package.

An Opportunity to Network

Doctors and scientists will get an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from different parts of the world to expand their knowledge and be part of a growing team of innovative minds who are leading the future of medicine. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, share ideas, and contact fellow professionals and speakers at the congress.

The Program

The president of ISSCA. Dr. Dayeong Kim (Korea). will open the program before the rest of the instructors take the stage. This team will tackle diverse areas that show the use of stem cell therapy in various medical conditions and real-world cases where the technology is being applied. Participants will get a chance to gain insights and expand their thoughts on the matters surrounding the use of stem cell technology to deal with various medical conditions.

Conference Packages

There are two packages for the conference. The first package will give participants access to two-day lectures on September 23rd and 24th. This package is going for $499.

The second package, dubbed “All-Access.” will include the one-day hands-on certification at ReGen iC Clinic on September 25th. in addition to two two-day lectures. This package will go for $950.

There are only 20 seats in the All-Access package. You can reserve a seat in either of the packages by purchasing the ticket on the ISSCA website.

More information regarding the conference can be found on the ISSCA website.

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