Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) has announced a new on-site training course to be conducted through the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) in Ohio. This on-site training course will be presented as a total solution to teach and train medical practitioners on the most recent advances in cellular-based treatments and regenerative medicine. It demonstrates the growing demand for clinics and doctors to integrate regenerative medicine into their services.

Personalized Hands-On Training with Industry-Leading Instructors

The new on-site training course to be conducted in Ohio will offer a personalized, hands-on approach, bringing industry leading instructors to the trainees’ clinics. “This course takes a highly visual and interactive angle, which provides trainers with the ability to teach reintegration and procedural techniques on live patients using different protocols for isolating stem cells – right from their own medical establishment,” says Benito Novas, CEO of the GSCG.

The on-site training course will include and offer the following: 

Fully Dedicated Instructors

The hands-on approach to this training course involves using industry-leading instructors to offer one-on-one learning. It is the best and most effective way of learning, understanding, and becoming skilled at adipose stem cells and bone marrow extraction procedures. 

Staff Training

Doctors usually delegate the process of PRP isolation and obtaining stem cells from bone marrow or fat to their nurses and medical assistants because the procedures are methodical. However, nurses and medical assistants must be fully trained and skilled in these fields. This course imparts them with the relevant skills, enabling them to perform these procedures when doctors need their help.

Trainees’ Preferred Treatment Protocols

This will be a personalized training course, so trainees can choose the treatment protocols they want to learn about and the illnesses they want to target. The instructors will teach not only the process of obtaining cells; they will also reintegrate the cells into the patient and teach about the various reintegration methods based on the patient’s medical conditions.

Equipment & Kits

Isolating and reintegrating stem cells requires the use of certain equipment and kits. The administrators will deliver and install the required equipment, kit, and consumables in the trainees’ clinics.

The Scheduling Process 

This course is fully personalized, meaning trainees will have varying needs and preferences. The ISSCA will conduct an initial consultation to discuss the types of treatments trainees want to learn, the patients they need to schedule for treatment, and the underlying costs. The information provided during the initial consultation will enable the ISSCA to gather the relevant supplies, equipment, and training materials for each training session.

About Global Stem Cell Group (GSCG) 

Global Stem Cells Group is the parent company of six companies that are dedicated to stem cell research, solutions, and technology training. The group was founded in 2012 and combines dedicated researchers, patient educators, and physician trainers with the shared goal of meeting the need for high-end stem cell solutions and treatments. 

Given that the group has a singular focus in this field, it is uniquely positioned to become the global leader in cellular medicine. In addition, by bringing together leading professionals in cellular medicine, it can discover issues that the industry faces and focus its research and development in this area. This specialization has, undoubtedly, enabled it to come up with solutions that address some of the significant issues that most stakeholders are facing in the industry.

Global Stem Cells Group is a publicly traded company operating under the symbol MSSV.

About the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) 

ISSCA is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists working together to advance science, technology, and the practice of regenerative medicine to treat diseases and lessen human suffering. The group aims to assume a leadership position in regenerative medicine’s research, publication, education, training, and certification standards. ISSCA adopts a hands-on approach by offering certification training worldwide, spreading the practice of regenerative medicine.

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