Global Stem Cells Group, Inc., has named neurologist and anti-aging specialist Dra. Mariella Tanzi, founder of BIOMEN S.A, to be the exclusive representative for Global Stem Cells Group in the Costa Rica territory. Tanzi will also open a new Cellgenic clinic in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.
Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. has signed BIOMEN S.A and its founder, anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialist Dra. Mariella Tanzi, to represent the Miami-based stem cell company as an exclusive representative for the Costa Rican territory. Tanzi will also open a new Cellgenic clinic in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.
The arrangement is part of the Global Stem Cells Group’s global expansion program, which requires affiliate representatives to have more than five years experience in the health care industry with at least some experience in regenerative medicine.
Tanzi will be instrumental in helping to manage the company’s growth in Costa Rica. Her responsibilities will include arranging a number of stem cell training courses at the Cellgenic facility in Costa Rica over a one-year period, certification of physicians, and willingness to organize an annual stem cell and regenerative medicine symposium in their territory.
“Our main focus is to organize Costa Rica’s first annual symposium on stem cells and regenerative medicine in 2015,” says Global Stem Cells Group Founder Benito Novas. “This new alliance will allow us to establish Cellgenic as a leader in regenerative medicine therapies in Costa Rica.”

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