The International Society of Stem Cell Applications (ISSCA) held its first World Congress on Regenerative Medicine at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey between the 23rd and 26th of September, 2022. Like the previous events, the Congress brought together world-class physicians and scientists from over 35 countries, giving medical professionals access to first-rate live discussions, educational sessions, and intensive hands-on experience on regenerative medicine, cellular therapies, and all crucial topics in between.

Recognition Awards Were Presented

Announced in August 2022, the event was an immense success as it only spanned its prescheduled dates and had programs proceed accordingly. It featured an opening address from the President himself, Dr. Daeyong Kim, Ph.D., through which he recognized Mr. Salim Yildrim and Mr. Benito Novas with awards for their contribution to training and seminars held during the Covid-19 Pandemic. He also announced them as the hosts of the event.

The event was conducted at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. Including convenient breaks in between, its programs were split into 30 theoretical lectures for the first two days and two exclusive practice sessions on the third and fourth days.

With the Covid-19 pandemic further emphasizing the need for faster deployment of medical technologies, the theoretical lectures on the 23rd of September started with why and when Mesenchymal Stem Cells should be used for treatments.

On the first day, lectures featuring a progressive series of topics that define regenerative medicine were given. These included talks on:

  • Clinical preconditioning for stem cells application;
  • Stem cell and immunomodulation;
  • The New era of regenerative medicine exosomes in clinical applications; and
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery guidelines and protocols for regenerative medicine & stem cell application.

Attendees were educated on cellular therapy on the second day, with speakers talking extensively on topics such as:

  • Car-T cell therapy;
  • Stem cell applications in ophthalmology;
  • Ovarian regeneration: Treatment of female infertility using cellular therapies;
  • Stem Cell therapy in systemic cardiomyopathy & heart failure; and
  • The Multidisciplinary approach to ozone therapy.

At the close, both days accommodated additional abstract lectures from Dr. Serdar Kabataş, Dr. Erdinç Civelek, Dr. Erek Öztürk, and Dr. Eyüp Can Savrunlu. Although for attendees that opted for the two-day Conference package, the event had come to an end, they wouldn’t go home just yet.

A Sumptuous Gala Dinner Was Held

Everyone was treated to a gala dinner at the Old City Hotel at 360 Meze, Seres, Istanbul. This was a chance to meet the lecturers, physicians, and scientists in a less classroom-like environment and served as the perfect opportunity for networking and medical community building, just as the announcement promised.

The third day then welcomed members of the full-access program to a one-day hands-on training session held at the ReGen iC clinic.

Our program bestowed attendees with certificates of participation and membership, with training workshops championed by three ISSCA-certified physicians: Maritza Novas, the Director of Research and Development at Global Stem Cells Group, Miami, USA, Dr. Melihcan Sezgic, Regenerative Medicine Specialist and Surgeon, and Dr. Hilmi Karadeni̇z, Orthopedic doctor and specialist in sports medicine.

Open to only licensed physicians, practicals then concentrated on aesthetic and clinical applications of stem cell therapy. This included processes on cellular products, production, manufacturing and quality control, protocol discussion, and the application of protocols in live patients.

To cap it all off, Benito Novas, our Vice President and one of the awards recipients expressed his joy at the success of the ISSCA World Congress. He said, “It has been great meeting with worldclass doctors and scientists from different countries and having access to extensive practical experience in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies. You have all been generous in sharing your knowledge and experience in Regenerative Medicine. Truly, you have made this first ISSCA World Congress a success.”

The ISSCA successfully built on its bounce back events after a break caused by the pandemic. This was by presenting medical professionals globally with breakthrough updates on technologies, brands, and products for stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine in general. To learn more about the ISSCA, please visit or email us at

About Global Stem Cells Group

Global Stem Cells Group is the parent company of six companies that are dedicated to stem cell research, solutions, and technology training. The group was founded in 2012 and combines dedicated researchers, patient educators, and physician trainers with the shared goal of meeting the need for high-end stem cell solutions and treatments.

Given that the group has a singular focus in this field, it is uniquely positioned to become the global leader in cellular medicine. In addition, by bringing together leading professionals in cellular medicine, it can discover issues that the industry faces and focus its research and development in this area. This specialization has, undoubtedly, enabled it to come up with solutions that address some of the significant issues that most stakeholders are facing in the industry.

Global Stem Cells Group is a publicly traded company operating under the symbol MSSV.

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