Global Stem Cells Group offers a stem cell training course that can help you bring some of our cutting edge regenerative therapies to your practice or clinic. We offer an intensive, hands-on two day training class, show you how to collect fat tissue via our precision mini lipo-aspiration technique, and we walk your through the process of collecting bone marrow via the iliac crest.
We provide didactic lectures on stem cell structure, function and treatment, and we go through the techniques to isolate and harvest stem cells from fat tissue and bone marrow, as well as the platelet rich plasma from the peripheral blood. We do all of this on actual patients! Three to four of them during the two-day course period, so that you can get a good understanding on how to perform the different techniques and procedures.
GSCG will provide you with written protocols, forms and consent so that you can easily implement this in your practice after certification. We also offer instructional videos, quality control (QC) assays, viability and cell counts. Our courses are fully accredited— providing 16 categories for one credit—by three different universities, and we offer the opportunity to participate in Institutional Review Board (IRB) clinical studies.
Now, you’re probably wondering about our products, without which you’d have the weekend off.
For the bone marrow product, we’ve partnered with a company called Emcyte. All of the kits for the bone marrow and the platelet rich plasma are FDA 510K approved, thus allowing for the collection of a small sample of blood, which can be safely attained, to produce concentrated growth factors and platelets. The system is gentle and processes bone marrow aspirate precisely for the purest concentration of cells at the point of care.
Also, there’s our —adipose-derived stem cell Kit .  fact: fat tissue is one of the most plentiful sources of stem cells in the body—in particular, the mesenchymal type stem cells. Imagine, you can get about five hundred times more mesenchymal stem cells from fat tissue than you can get from the bone marrow. Fat tissue is a perfect source of stem cells when you’re treating degenerative type diseases, or replenishing some of the tissue that has been damaged as a result of injury and or degenerative disease.
Within this population there exists a multipotential progenitor cell that has the ability to go down the adipogenesis pathway, the chondrogenesis and the osteogenic pathway. These cells are very angiogenic and vasculogenic in nature, meaning they are able to form blood vessels and are very useful in ischemia type conditions.
stem-cell-simposium (325)Global Stem Cells Group has a variety of isolation  kits, and all of our kits are produced according to good manufacturing processes as I mentioned before.  We have a full scale laboratory  in Santiago Chile where we produce all of the reagents that are necessary, and our kits include all of the consumables necessary to isolate regenerative stem cells. You can visit the website to view the variety of different products we offer, all of which can assist with some of the work you are doing in-clinic. Including things like centrifuges and other medical devices and equipment that are necessary to bring stem cell therapies to the patients. We also go over this information during the stem cell training course and teach you exactly what equipment you will need to perform some of  the techniques.

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